Hi there!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite ethical clothing sites that I’ve discovered so far on my ethical fashion journey. I only want to recommend what I’ve tried myself, so I won’t be promoting anything unless I’ve tried it and loved it! I’ll share some of my favorite purchases, as well as sizing references. Also, I’m not affiliated with any of these brands – I just love them and want to share them with everyone 🙂

So, here we go! 3 of my current favorite ethical fashion brands!

  1. The first brand I’ll talk about is Jessica Rey. This brand used to focus solely on swimwear, but has since moved to producing tops, skirts, and dresses! They also have a variety of accessories. I first heard about them when I was on the hunt for a more modest swimsuit, and I was not disappointed! The swimsuits are adorable and comfy – both of which are a must for me and swimwear. I truthfully don’t like swimsuits that much, but I LOVE my Jessica Rey swimsuit! They offer one pieces and separate tops and bottoms. I liked the idea of being able to mix and match, so I went for the separate top and bottom option. Originally, I purchased the “celia top in pinwheel” (white with black stripes) in a large and the “high waist shirred bottoms” in ebony in a medium. But then I tried the top on and realized white is not my color (like, at all lol) and then both the top and bottoms ended up being too big, so I think I must’ve read the measurements chart wrong. The exchange process was super easy, which I love! (Return shipping is on you, though, so keep that in mind if you’re ordering something)! I exchanged them for the “celia top in pineapple” size medium and the “high waist shirred bottoms” in emerald size small. All the heart eyes for this decision! I loooove my swimsuit. It doesn’t show anything I don’t want showing. It’s comfy. It’s covered in pineapples. AND it’s ethically made. The best.

    isn’t it adorbs?!?!

    As far as sizing goes, I think they run pretty true to size. I typically wear a medium in tops that are more fitted, so it made sense that I would need a medium swimsuit top. Same for the bottoms – I typically wear a 3 in pants, which is equivalent to a small. I know the prices can seem a little crazy, but you are paying for quality materials as well as ethical production. It’s worth it, I promise. Plus, I think if you sign up for the Jessica Rey newsletter, you’ll get a 15% discount code to use on your first purchase! I’ve yet to try any of their skirts, tops, or dresses, but I do have my eye on the midi skirt in ebony. It’s ethically made in Peru, and it has pockets! Pockets in skirts and dresses are literally the best, so I’m super excited to try the Jessica Rey skirt! Check them out here.

  2. Next, I’ll talk about Krochet Kids. I discovered them when I watched the documentary “The True Cost” about the fast fashion industry. (Read my post on fast fashion here, and also watch the documentary because it’s great). I went to their website for a list of ethical shops and decided to check out Krochet kids. I decided to try them first because their prices weren’t as crazy as some of the other brands (it can be a little shocking when you see what an item of quality, fairly made clothing can cost; but again, as I’ve said about six million times, it’s worth it) and also because they have this unique feature where you can actually read about the individual who made your item of clothing. There is a tag sewn into each item of clothing with a person’s name written on it. You can go to their website, find that person’s name, and read about them. It’s pretty awesome! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to try first from Krochet Kids, so it took me a long time to actually purchase something. I received an email from them promoting their “surprise pack” t shirt bags and was immediately intrigued – I LOVE surprises! For $30 (plus s&h), I got a Krochet Kids bag filled with three mystery tops in the size of my choosing. I ended up with this short sleeved top, this long sleeved top in black and white, and a muted coral racerback tank with “love” written on the front in white. All three of which I love. The short sleeved top makes for a great swimsuit coverup, as well as a cute top I can dress up or down (I’m a sucker for versatility). The long sleeved top is super cozy and looks cute with skinny jeans and black booties. And the tank is great with just about anything – jean shorts, skinny jeans, over a swimsuit…I’ve even worn it over a maxi dress (tied up) with a denim jacket which made for a fun combo! While I love all three tops, I do wish I would have gone with my first instinct on sizing. I went with size medium because I wasn’t sure how fitted their stuff would be, but smalls would have been fine. Not a huge deal, but something ot keep in mind! The bag the shirts came in has been pretty useful, too! I currently use it to hold my makeup/hair products when traveling. If I ever purchase a gym membership (lol, yeah right) it can also be used as a gym bag! My parents ended up purchasing the t shirt grab bags as well, and they loved them! I don’t think they’re doing the t shirt grab bags at the moment, but they do have a dress option going on right now that is pretty tempting! Check out Krochet Kids here!
  3. Last but not least, Carly Jean Los Angeles! I’m seriously obsessed with CJLA, you guys. Amazing stuff, great prices, and they’re also super fun to follow on Instagram! If you have questions about sizes or anything, they are quick to respond to direct messages, which is amazing! I honestly can’t even remember how I found out about them – I think it may have just been a “suggested” Instagram account on my page, and I checked them out and was hooked instantly. I originally thought everything they had was made in LA, but with my first purchase I noticed the tags said some of the items were made in other countries, so I was kind of nervous that only their made in LA stuff was considered ethical. But then I sent them a DM asking about their suppliers, and my fears were relieved! They work exclusively with fair wage

    they always reply to DM’s and are super helpful!

    suppliers and do not support child labor. Wahoo!! I’ve officially found my favorite online ethical shop! They specialize in basics, but also have other not so basic pieces that you can integrate into your capsule wardrobe. I’ve purchased quite a bit from them already and do not plan on stopping anytime soon! (They also have a kids line….umm hellooooo can you say matching mommy & me outfits?! So excited for motherhood for this reason lol). I’m starting my capsule wardrobe with basics so at this point, this is what I’ve purchased: this tank, this t shirt dress, these jeans, this hoodie (but I have it in a dove gray color which is sold out), this top, these distressed jeans, this top, this sweater (in champagne, but it’s sold out), this button down (this probably technically doesn’t qualify as a “basic” piece per se, but it looked fun and it was on sale. Sue me), and these earrings. Told you I was obsessed. I’m seriously hooked on their products, you guys. I absolutely LOVE everything I’ve purchased from them, but let me just talk about their jeans for a minute. The “Taylor” jeans are the BEST jeans I’ve ever owned! They’re a dark wash, mid rise jean that has so much stretch. But not the kind of stretch where they’re falling off of you by the end of the day – that’s typically the problem I have with jeans. They start off fitting really well and by the end of the day I’m hiking them up 57 times a minute. Not these! They hold their shape all throughout the day, and they’re SO comfy. I wear them literally all the time (just ask my husband)! So good. As far as sizing goes, I would say everything I’ve tried runs true to size. In the basic tank, I opted for a medium which was a mistake. It’s not huge by any means, but the straps are too long so it makes it a little lower cut than I like. Lesson learned. I’ll buy smalls from now on! I would have exchanged it, but I was too excited and took the tag off right away – rookie mistake. But, even though it’s a little larger than I’d like, the fabric is to DIE for. It is the softest tank in all the land. I’m convinced. In most of the other tops I have a size small, and they all fit really well. Exceptions: in the sweater, I wanted it to be loose and cozy so I got a large, and I LOVE it. I’m wearing it today (for the second day in a row, ha!) and it’s the best. And in the button down, I got a medium because size small button downs typically don’t stay buttoned on me, if you catch my drift. The medium is perfect! As for the jeans, I have a size 3 in both the Taylor’s and the Jen’s and the fit is great! Check out CJLA here (and follow them on instagram! They’re fun, and it’s really helpful to watch their stories if you’re curious about the fit of something or how to style their products).

If you’re new to ethical fashion, I hope you’ll check out those three options! If you do, let me know what you think! Happy shopping 🙂