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about me.

what started out as simply an ethical fashion blog has quickly turned into the pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle. i want you to know, first and foremost, that i truly have no idea what i’m doing. i’m making it up as i go. and also i google everything. i will gladly share with you what i’m learning in the realm of ethical fashion and sustainability with you.

now, without further adieu, i give you “about me.”

hi there! my name is haley. haley parrish. hence, haleyish. if you’ve made it to this “about” section, i assume you want to learn a little bit about me!

a few important things:

1. i love Jesus. my goal is to honor and glorify Him in all i do. He’s the reason i’m running this blog and striving to be a more ethically-conscious consumer.

2. i’m married to my very best friend and one of the nicest men in america, trevor. he’s pretty awesome.

3. we have a dog named zeke who is also pretty awesome.

4. i love lattes. SO much. too much. i drink regular coffee too, but lattes, man…those are my jam.

5. i love harry potter way more than the average grown up should.

6. i don’t really like capital letters. not sure why, just a weird thing i have. when i write an actual post, i use correct capitalization…all other times, though, lowercase wins!


well, there ya have it! those are just a few things about this ol’ gal.

i’m very thankful that you’re here. follow along on my journey, won’t you? 🙂

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