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about me.


hi there! my name is haley. haley parrish. hence, haleyish. if you’ve made it to this “about” section, i assume you want to learn a little bit about me!

a few important things:

1. i love Jesus. my goal is to honor and glorify Him in all i do. He’s the reason i’m running this blog and striving to be a more ethically-conscious consumer.

2. i’m married to my very best friend and one of the nicest men in america, trevor. he’s pretty awesome.

3. we have a dog named zeke who is also pretty awesome.

4. i love lattes. SO much. too much. i drink regular coffee too, but lattes, man…those are my jam.

5. i love harry potter way more than the average grown up should.

6. i don’t really like capital letters. not sure why, just a weird thing i have. when i write an actual post, i use correct capitalization…all other times, though, lowercase wins!

well, there ya have it! those are just a few things about this ol’ gal.

with this lifestyle/fashion blog, my main goal is to help people be more ethically-minded when shopping. my dream is to one day open up an online ethical fashion boutique! i’ll also share my experiences with faith, travel, and the occasional diy project in the hope that i can help somebody in some way – whether that’s by helping you save money on a trip to europe or sharing how The Lord has worked in my life.

i’m very thankful that you’re here. follow along on my journey, won’t you? 🙂

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